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Trump Shifts Position On Gun Control Bills

October 26, 2019

Americans Don't Need Permission From the Government to Carry a Firearm

October 18, 2019

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Come join our open discussions about Liberty and it's many forms in the great experiment called the American dream. 

The Liberty Den (The LD) is an ardent supporter of the 2nd Amendment. We are nonpartisan and willing to support any politician and/or legislation that supports our GUN RIGHTS. The LD understands the importance of the 2nd Amendment in maintaining all of our God giving rights for all people regardless of, race, religion, political affiliation and gender.


The Liberty Den hosts various events throughout the month both community and online events. You will never miss any of our event because they will alway be shown on our website and social media platforms. 

October Free T-Shirt Drawing

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October 25, 2019

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