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Do NY Republicans Support the 2nd Amendment?

June 19, 2018

Marc Molinaro front Andrew Cuomo in the back 


So, for those New Yorkers that have put their faith in the NY Republican party for decades, there is a difficult decision we have to make come Nov 2018. What's drawn us to the Republican platform is their stance on limited government, civil liberties, and protecting the 2nd Amendment. One NY GOP champion after another has stood on that soap box, proclaiming they would be the catalyst to restoring our freedoms here in NY. For a large portion of upstate NY, the 2nd Amendment is held close to the very fabric of their existence because of their deeply held understanding of the 2nd and their experiences with just what it was intended for. Tyrants.


The off-shoot from this are several membership based organizations, to help address the concerns within the NY 2nd Amendment community. The effectiveness of these organizations is for another conversation. Despite these organizations and more specifically the NY GOP, New Yorkers have watched their taxes grow to become one of the highest taxed states in the country, with the intent to support a quickly forming socialist style state which is anti-2nd Amendment. The obvious thing to do if you're a freedom loving American, NYer, and not a socialist, is to counter this movement to socialism via the Republican party. Upstate NYers predominantly hold a middle to right political point of view. So it is easily assumed the NY GOP would answer their needs and out look on their future. With what has been a major fail for the NY Republicans, New York continues it's movement toward a democratic socialist state. Upstate continues to lose over 100,000 residents per year because they cannot afford to live in NY, and the State continues to dictate to NYers how they should live with more and more regulations. From my experience, most up-staters are single issue voters and have one key issue that will determine who they vote for.


This is where the right to bear arms comes into play. While I can safely say that all upstate NYers are concerned with high taxes and personal liberties, it's the 2nd Amendment that galvanizes upstate. Even a good percentage of the left in upstate are gun owners and support the 2nd Amendment. So, where do our champions of personal liberty, the Republicans, stand on the 2nd? Republican Marc Molinaro, gubernatorial candidate, does his best not to address the 2nd amendment at his public events. He's picked Julie Killian as his Lt. Governor. She's clearly stated her support of the Safe-Act, which all upstate gun owners believe to be unconstitutional. So is there some underlying, unannounced, and under the radar checkmate plan in place that the NY Grand Old Party will reveal at the perfect opportunity? 


Intent, a plan forward, and sheer will is what always drives a segment of the population and the representatives they elect to represent them. Separate from the typical talking points, Molinaro does his bests to not address the 2nd Amendment in his public events, we are not clear what his intent is, or what his plan forward is to restore our right to bear arms, or if he even has the will to do so. It was brought to my attention that he has answered the gun rights issue in several private messages via Facebook. We acquired one of his responses. I'll let you decide what his intent, plan forward, and will is based on this screen shot and whatever illusive other information you may have.  


We can safely assume that Cuomo will continue his plan of attack on New Yorker's right to bear arms. The only other real player in the field that addresses upstate's galvanizing issue is the Libertarian candidate Larry Sharpe. Let's look at his intent, plan forward, and will. In several public events, interviews on TV, radio, and social media, he's clearly stated his support for the 2nd Amendment 100%. His plan forward is called "Pardon and Repeal." Anyone convicted with a Safe Act charge that is non-violent and/or have no other charges associated with their arrest will be pardoned. Law enforcement will be asked to not enforce the Safe Act, and any prosecutor going to trial to convict Safe-Act charges will be made public, as well as their waste of tax payers' money prosecuting someone that will only be pardoned. To support his intent, and in a display of his will, Sharpe has selected a Pro 2nd Amendment businessman from the Rochester area, Andrew Hollister. Hollister is an ardent activist for the repeal of the Safe Act and the restoration of our 2nd amendment among many other Liberty issues. Through these executive actions and directives to law enforcement, this law will be rendered null and void. According to Hollister, the repeal will be a 2 year process. 


In my personal opinion, New York is just about at its tipping point, or the point of no return. If freedom loving NYers ever want to see personal liberty restored in NY, we must stop doing the same thing and expecting different results. The established political system in NY is considered to be the most corrupt in the country. If we're to stop the flow of NYers leaving the state and restore freedom, we all have to choose wisely. Voting for any of the establishment candidates is a vote for a socialist democratic state. And  your personal liberty, our right to bear arms, and a small limited government, governed by the people, will be lost this election. Vote on issues not party. 



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