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Frustrated NY Republican Voters Turn Against the Established NY GOP

June 26, 2018


For New York Republican voters, the consistent effort to restore individual rights, reduce big government, and lowering taxes in one of the highest taxed states in the country has been a long arduous losing battle. Remaining loyal to their party has been incredibly important to this base because the only champion for their concerns and issues has been the NY republican party, but more specifically their platform. Now after decades of hearing the same platform, New York is continuing down the path of becoming a socialist-democratic state, and with elected GOP officials voting to support this path a split has happened in this once loyal and dedicated voter base. A group of 100 plus republican activists are taking to the streets to gather signatures to primary the Libertarian candidates for NY governor on the Republican ticket. 


According  to, a GOP county committee member spoke with them under the conditions of anonymity. They explained the motivation for drafting Sharpe and Hollister in a statement: "We believe if people could hear his message, this would be a no-brainer. Molinaro


doesn’t represent us. I’m not sure if he knows what he represents anymore. But it’s time for a change, and maybe this will light a fire in leadership to finally make that change and go for the bold choice. Larry Sharpe deserves our line, and that is why we are out here, hoping to get 15,000 good signatures over the next 3 weeks so that he has a real shot at this." (to read the complete NewsGrowl article click here.)


Because of long term loyalty, a portion of the NY GOP voters are claiming this to be a ploy by the left to divide the Republican vote. The natural gravitation to a platform that answers the needs of the remaining voter base is not so obvious to these loyalists. It is natural to move away from anything that has not worked and yet claims to do the opposite of it's actions. While this will be a difficult task for the rebel Republican activists to gather the 15,000 signatures needed to primary the Libertarians, success could force the hand of a fledgling GOP campaign to withdraw from the race. 


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