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GOP Lt. Governor Flips or Is It Two-Faced?

July 19, 2018

As the gubernatorial race catches steam in NY and voters are either falling on their standard default for party, or tired of the status quo of the establishment and looking at 3rd parties, the NY GOP once again sends it's voter base a confusing message. On 5/25/18 the Liberty Den reported in article called "Molinaro Picks Lt Governor that Loves the Safe-act". Julie Killain publicly and passionately stated her support on extending gun control. See the below video. 

After a mass exodus of Republican voters to the Libertarian party which the loyalists of the NY GOP refuse to accept, Killian takes the opportunity to do a photo-op behind a repeal sign. The loyalists are looking for anything to substantiate what appears to be a blind obedience to  their party and they found it in this one picture. The rest of the Republican voter base remains confused. What is Julie Killian's real position on gun control and the repeal of the NY SAFE Act? If by any chance the NY GOP wins this election, will she turn out to be another Kirsten Gillibrand?  Kirsten said one thing to her voters then turned on her constituents and literally said she was narrow minded before she was elected and has learned better. In other words she knows better then her voter base. Yes I'm comparing a Republican to a liberal Democrat because we see this common tactic with the liberal left and the Rinos among the GOP.  


The advantage of not being a loyalist to any party is that inconsistencies, like this one with Killian, are easy to see and question. Loyalists will always look for the reason why they made the right choice despite any inconsistencies. On the other hand they will look for the slightest problem with any other option (3rd Party) as a reason why they shouldn't support that candidate. This is a problem to any real change. Skilled politicians that understand this take full advantage of that loyalty, as we've seen with the NY GOP. They claim to support the repeal of the SAFE Act, and yet vote yes on the budget that funds it every year. As a non-loyalist, I would suggest to anyone still looking for a candidate to use your discretion equally on all candidates. Because the politicians want your blind obedience and prefer you to remain uninformed and party affiliated.   



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