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The Death of America!


We've all herd before that change is good, although it is difficult for most. The ability to change and adapt helps build character. If you are a moral person, whether it's from a sound instinctive source, life lesson and/or a higher power guiding you, we all know that some change is simply not good. The United States is in a political climate that is incredibly swayed by propaganda and media sources that we can no longer call news agencies. They've blurred the line of facts, opinions, and reactions so well that the those that watch these media sources regularly have fallen within the spectrum of low level adrenaline junkies to absolutely deranged. To add more to the pot, our education system has been overrun by socialists, communist, and Marxist. There is a 12 -1 radio between progressive liberals (the name used by the socialist and communists when they were hiding) to conservatives. With the highest percentage of them teaching history, we have seen a revision of our American history. The introduction of additional facts to our historical timeline is a good thing, if it's factual. In order to flush out our history and present it to future generations, facts are an important addition. So, this is where the intent of these revision has to be looked at. Like the propaganda media, these revisions are not presented objectively. It is evident in the opinions of the students leaving the university system. The curriculum presentation and blatant statements by the professors pushing an ideological indoctrination of hatred of American values, our history, and the very fabric of our country's formation, has led to the pending Death of America. 


While the anarchist, socialist, and communists in our society will cheer this on, even among those leftist ideologues there's are dangerous differences in the ideas of the distribution of power. We'll address this powder keg in the future. So, between propaganda media and indoctrinated college students coexisting, the younger generations are predominantly anti-American. In a recent survey over 60 % of millennials believe socialism is a good.  When they come of age where the work force or a government sustained life is their next step, their indoctrination is supported by mainstream media. How could they be wrong? All of their life's beliefs, (their indoctrination) are substantiated by external sources. The more I examine this issue the clearer it becomes to me. What we see is not the real problem. This is not a merely a left and right issue. 


Hiding in the shadows of the ever present magnified battles of the very questionable 2 party system are the sinister issues effecting our country and the pending death of America. These underlying forces are not a left and right issue.

The first issue is a struggle of power. the second equally dangerous issue is who will outlast the other. The more obvious of those issues, but less publicized by media, is the struggle between centralized and decentralized power. As a Constitutional Republic, not a Democracy, our country's founding principles (personal liberty, decentralized power and a limited government held accountable by the people) are rooted in the fabric of our country. 

This is the very spirit that has driven us throughout our short history. That spirit is a spirit of resistance against an authoritarian government, state, tyrant and tyranny as a whole.  The revision of American history presented to the generations that have passed through the universities for the past 3 to 4 decades, the concept of government control over all aspects of their lives has been absent in their indoctrination to socialism and communism. In the poll mentioned above, close to 70% of millennials disagree with government control. Inherent in all human being is a clear instinct for freedom and liberty. From my personal experience, only the ideologues blindly and dogmatically follow doctrine contrary to this instinct.  How this power struggle plays out in the future is a time sensitive question and serious concern. 


The 1st of the great divides exists in this struggle of power. The 2nd lies in the patience among those that believe in centralized power, their misinformed followers, and those that follow their inherent spirit as woven into the fabric of American fortitude. The 2nd divide is unfortunately an age related issue. Without going into all the sources and boring the hell out of you, those that support personal liberty are the older generations and those that support the undefined modern socialism are the younger generations. If things remain as they are now, due to the propaganda media and socialist slant in our schools, those that believe in personal liberty will soon be gone. The socialist movement will move into power unopposed and soon after will come to it's full manifestation of an Oligarchy where everyone will be equally poor, the few elites will be rich, and you will have big brother dictating to you how to live. The obvious solution to this pending problem is for those that believe in their instinctive drive of personal liberty to counter this now, starting today, with all the fervor they can muster. 


All throughout history it has been the old wise ones of the tribes and clans that have past on the stories of their ancestors. The handing off these stories was as important as those in charge of tending the fire. It was around the light of the camp fire that the light of their history was shared. One sustained their body and the other sustained their spirit. The anger that divides the generations today has to be address with direct action. (as the left would call it) In a peaceful manner, it is necessary for the modern day wise ones to challenge themselves, shed their hatred, and tend to the young in our tribe. I can tell you there will be those that you cannot even plant the seeds of freedom in. The rest will be fertile for the seed of freedom and promoting growth of their instinctive fervor for liberty. The very existence and expression of basic human instinct, American spirit for liberty and resistance to oppression is calling. Your move!  


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