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“Male Privilege”, Women’s Rights, & The Second Amendment

August 2, 2018

As a college student, I have been taught (and by taught I mean force fed) a political agenda, not only by the leftist professors but by the students who praise these ideologies and look down on those who do not. “Male privilege” is a popular term with the left and extremely popular with modern-day feminists. These same feminists who run the Women’s March, fund the disgusting organization that is Planned Parenthood emphatically, and refuse to acknowledge the successes of conservative women, claim that women are not free in America. "Male privilege" is the concept that men have social, economic, and political advantages or rights that are available to them solely based on their sex. This false notion being spread across college campuses in America, that men have a head start on women is completely wrong and embarrassing for the so-called feminists who shout, “Resist the Patriarchy!”. For the record, I am not saying that sexism does not exist and that there are no sexist people, male or female. Years ago, I was rejected for a job in a pizzeria after I trained for a day because the woman owner said I was “too much of a distraction” for the all male staff. Do I feel unequal in this country or a victim of “male privilege” because of this sole experience?


Absolutely not.


I held my head up high, told her it was their loss, and did not let that woman ruin my motivation to get a part-time job. This led me to apply and work for a Financial Advisor, who had started their own business over 20 years ago. Because of this opportunity, I have learned so much and gained hands on experience in the business world. This business owner is a woman​ and there is no chance that she would have the great success she has if “male privilege” actually existed. We do not live in a perfect country and definitely do not live in a perfect world, however; to make a blanket statement that in the United States, women are not equal to men is just a lie which further pushes a victim-hood mentality that goes right along with the left’s agenda.


Women in America are the freest in the world, meanwhile they are told that women are oppressed in this country. I am a female, I am an American citizen, I am enrolled at a private college which I was accepted to due to my hard work, I have received scholarships and loans that I will have to pay off, I have had six different part-time jobs which I interviewed for (a few times against men) and got these jobs where I was paid the same wage as every male employee who held the same job title as me, I drive a car, I pay for my insurance with the money I earn, I can decide who I want to be or not be, and I have the freedom to choose whichever life path I would like to live. These are just some simple examples of how American women are the most liberated and fortunate compared to other parts of the world. The progressive plans that are to hire women, just because they are women, to “even up the scoreboard” in higher positions such as CEO's, Congress, and of course, the progressive pledge to elect a first woman president in 2016 solely because she is a woman, are disturbing. This type of ideology is a huge mistake. 


Determining someone for a position solely based on gender is sexism by definition. This is what women should be against. We need to hire the best candidate for any position whether it is a cashier, CEO, or President of the United States. How else would candidates want to be the best they could without this competition? Women can, have, and will continue to make it to the top in this incredible country by using their equal opportunity as an American rather than denying it, stop claiming to be a victim of the “evil patriarchy”, and go out there and not let anyone, male or female, knock them down. I am proud to say I am not a feminist. Their movement is a shameful fallacy that promotes a victimized mentality which will essentially only hold women back. If a feminist wanted the best for women in this country, wouldn’t they celebrate how far we have come rather than spread myths of how “oppressed” we are? In the words of Christina Sommers, "appreciate and make good use of the unprecedented freedom that you have.”


Speaking of Women’s Rights, let’s talk about the Second Amendment. In the United States, especially in the state of New York, we have consistently seen the left try to take away our Second Amendment rights with “gun control”. Whether it is the SAFE Act here in NY, or the March For Our Lives organization that has used a tragedy to push a political agenda, time and time again the gun is blamed as well as those who defend the Second Amendment. Not only is this unconstitutional for all Americans, but gun ownership is essential for a woman to be able defend herself. Biologically, a man is physically stronger than a woman; men have more muscle mass and greater bone density. The left-wing feminists discuss Women’s Rights, Domestic Violence/Abuse, and ending all violence against women: Women’s March states in their unity principles, “women deserve to live full and healthy lives, free of all forms of violence against our bodies”. If every woman had the chance to equally defend themselves, I think there would be a better chance for their principle to be fulfilled. Due to the gang violence such as MS-13 on Long Island, NY, it is quite dangerous for any woman to be anywhere by herself. However, if the women in NY had a handgun on them that they knew how to use, their ability to protect themselves without being left completely vulnerable would skyrocket and their fear of walking around alone would quickly decrease.


Just a few weeks ago, on a Friday night around nine o'clock pm, my friend and I went out to dinner and were followed and harassed as we walked to our car. Luckily, there were people nearby who saw what was going on and we got home safely. But, what if there were no people around? What if I happened to be by myself? We were completely defenseless, sitting ducks in which I do not blame "male privilege", I blame bad people as there will always be bad people in this world. New York state enforces very strict gun laws, as New Yorkers are not allowed to open carry and it is the hardest to get a concealed carry license. Gun rights are Women’s Rights. If feminists and those on the left really wanted women to be “equal” and “free” so they say, they would want every woman to be armed and able to protect themselves.




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