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Constitutionality In America: Laws, Police & Justice

August 27, 2018

Some of the largest stigmatized issues we face in the United States are our laws, law enforcement, and justice system. In this Article, I will be discussing how Constitutional Integrity could solve all of these issues.


Laws: When it comes to laws, we are facing quite honestly a Constitutional crisis. Article VI, Section II of our United States Constitution, states plain as day, that all Federal Laws in pursuance of the Constitution are Supreme Law of the land. It also states that any State Law or Constitution NOT with pursuance of the Federal Constitution, is notwithstanding.

This means that all laws at both State and Federal level that are in direct contrast with the U.S. Constitution are null and void. States do not have the authority to infringe on our self-evident unalienable rights, nor supersede the bill of rights. This is put in place to protect We The People from all levels and branches of government that would seek to limit our abilities. Any gun control law, regulation, tax or otherwise, is in direct violation of our entire Constitution. No form of government can pass laws that violate the people's liberties. The 9th Amendment guarantees that all our natural rights are to be protected by this same measure, as the 9th states; "The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people."

By simply returning to Constitutional Law, we regain all of our individual liberties, and will not be seeing people get fined or jailed, having done nothing to harm another individual. We would return to a "no victim, no crime" society.


Law Enforcement: Our Law Enforcement Community is obviously vital for upholding the law and helping protect the people from injustices. However, there are a few issues to be addressed within this. First off, it must be established who is the supreme law enforcement of the land? That would be the Sheriff. The Sheriff has top jurisdiction in any case and must delegate authority to others on scene if anyone else is to attain jurisdiction. That means even the FBI for example, is subject to the jurisdiction of the Sheriff.

Secondly, our officers are required to swear an oath of office to perform their duties in accordance to the law, and the Constitution. The vast majority of officers legitimately join the Law Enforcement Community with the intention of doing good for the community. This is an unquestionable fact. The problem is that so many of these officers do not firmly know or understand the Constitution of the United States, let alone their own individual State Constitution.

This is causing a huge problem within the Law Enforcement Community that has created an abundance of animosity among the civilian community, especially that of the Black American community. It is often seen as being institutionalized racism or other forms of transgressions against minorities through the police. When reality and statistics show that this is happening across the board. Everyone is being unjustly arrested and sentenced for crimes that quite frankly shouldn't be crimes. If you have harmed no person, stolen from no person, you are not guilty of any legitimate crime.

Needless to say, if our Law Enforcement Community refused to uphold unjust laws, almost all of these issues would cease to exist within the Law Enforcement Community. The best way to start getting our Law Enforcement Community enforcing Constitutional Law, is getting Constitutional Sheriffs elected into their seats. This way, they could also keep in check every other law enforcement agency and protect We The People, by enforcing Constitutional Integrity from within.

Justice:  Almost our entire judicial structure has fallen away from Constitutional Integrity. As per Article III of the U.S. Constitution, and again the Supremacy Clause in Article VI Clause II, it is stated that all courts are to be Constitutional Courts. We are plagued with activist judges on both the left and the right which are completely distorting the purpose and fabric of our Judicial system. There have also been many instances of judicial bias within the court system with Judges and prosecuting attorneys "making examples" out of people, or siding unquestionably with police officers that are in trial.

One of the biggest problems within the justice system is the Supreme Court of the United States. Many cases that the Supreme Court rules on are not even within the authority of the Supreme Court to rule upon, and in addition to that, they often rule based on opinion rather than the Constitution. This has laid the frame work for unconstitutional laws and regulations to be pushed across all levels of Government. The Supreme Court is NOT the supreme law of the land. It is up to the States and the people to nullify these inappropriate rulings.

Sadly the Court system will be one of the hardest things to fix in our nation, as Judges are almost untouchable by We The People. It would take a lot of work to replace these corrupt judges and prosecuting attorneys with Constitutional minded individuals.

Thankfully there is one way to effectively neutralize these Judicial activists on the bench. That is through the Jury. Through the Jury we can nullify all unconstitutional laws by rejecting prosecution of those who have done no wrong, and forcing the prosecution of those who have. That is what gives We The People the power to be represented in the Judicial system. While we work to achieve justice reform, we still have the ability to take matters into our own hands in the mean time.

This too however would all come to an end if we had a system in place that properly enforced Constitutional Law rather than political activism from the Judge's seat. If they simply followed the Constitution, there would be no need for "activism" to begin with on the judicial side of things.




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