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Constitutionality In America: Voluntary Exchange

August 27, 2018

 As we look at the disarray that America is in, with vast amounts of division, debt, abuse, fighting, etc, what's the one thing missing in all of these factors?

Constitutional Integrity.

Today, I'd like to talk about the simple right of business between one another.


When operating a business, or even simply bartering with one another, you must each come to an agreement before exchanging of goods or money.
Now let's say that I'm selling a television set and stereo system. If somebody wants to purchase only the television, must I be forced to sell them only the television?
Or what if somebody I blatantly don't like wants to buy the television, because it's cheap? Am I forced to sell him the television?
The answer to both of these questions is unequivocally NO, I am not forced to sell the items to anyone.

Doing business or bartering with one another is a contracted agreement between both parties. In exchange for my services or products, you must give me what I seek, be it trade, or cash. This concept of voluntary consent in a contracted agreement equally applies to businesses like Starbucks, Christian Bakers, Hobby Lobby, Muslim or even Jewish diners, or otherwise.

Can Starbucks constitutionally refuse service to gun owners? Most definitely. Until the purchase or trade has been executed, the product is THEIR property.
As an example, if you go into Walmart, who's property are ALL the products of the building belonging to? They all belong to Walmart until you purchase them for yourselves.

A Muslim Halal or Jewish Kosher business, cannot be forced to serve a product they do not wish to serve, and a Christian baker cannot be forced to serve an item they wish not to serve.

It really doesn't even matter the reason behind a business or individual's decision not to provide their service, they withhold that right to refuse service.

So what is it we are supposed to do if somebody refuses us service?

Answer: Find somewhere else to take your business to. Why would you want to give somebody money that directly opposes your views anyways?

Answer 2: If the market is rich for opportunity because options are minimal? Start your own business, as that means you have a good chance of success if you are an all-inclusive business individual. Even if you are opposing and restrict the opposite people, it means you get the other half of the market.




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