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October 17, 2018


 Liberty. The mere mention of the word conjures bells ringing and rockets’ red glare. Freedom! Another word intertwined in both history and lore of the America we cherish. Words make us react emotionally, and liberty is no exception. Shout “Freedom!” in a crowd of patriots and you’ll likely get a resounding “Freedom!” in response. Mention the Liberty Den and multiple thousands of people across the country and around the globe are encouraged.


 What’s so special about liberty? In today’s political environment, there are few who can attest to a deep seated respect for what our founders considered to be the very essence of the word.


 In my opinion, the founders would be floundering trying to explain to each other how in the world America got to this state of the Union. I say this relative to the audacity with which they took on George III, and then the Declaration they made to identify what liberty meant to them.


 In our legal system, a group of people get together to decide how they will make their company prosper. In order to protect the individuals within the group, they often form an entity we know as a corporation. And believe me, I get the viewpoint that the United States of America a) isn’t the limited government our founders designed from scratch, and b) has been railroaded into a corporation where nobody seems to be held accountable. But I digress.


 In the manner of making a corporation within our legal context, and correct me if I’m wrong, the first thing the group does is to create a charter. The charter states all the reasons for the organization and the general purpose of it. Once the charter is formulated, the next step is to create the by-laws, those things destined to lead the group in harmony as they promulgate a business plan, establish a model, and proceed to enter the marketplace.


 So, if we want to know what the founders considered the keys to liberty, we read the Declaration of Independence. And if we’re to be historians, we research all the details occurring which led up to the Declaration so we can correlate the items enumerated against George III. However, it doesn’t take a historian to read the Declaration and realize what liberty meant to the founders. They lay it all out in those twenty-something grievances.


And then, to the consternation of a select group of people within a faction, they laid down the by-laws of a limited government so the population can be free from a ruling class. They describe in great detail just how free Americans are to be, all the way down to making it the peoples’ right to continually change those serving them in federal government positions.


As important as those founding documents are to our national liberty and freedoms, they pale when held up against the blazing fire of the democratic desire to dismantle the whole thing. They’ve already succeeded in passing the 17th Amendment, creating a broader democracy style of government. They are itching to trash the presidential electoral college to make America another exclusive political institution run by democrats, elites, and mob rule, which, when run to its end, results in nothing but socialism and a failed government.


This is the time for liberty lovers everywhere to once again take pause and read the Declaration of Independence. Let’s make sure we understand what kind of liberty we are supposed to stand for, then go out and make sure America once again hears the bells of Liberty and the shouts of Freedom ring throughout the land.

Copyright Oct 2018



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