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Molinaro's Lt Gov Killian Loves the SAFE ACT Flip Flop Killian

October 18, 2018


Is it possible for someone with such passion against an issue to be able to simply flip because her running mate asked her to? Is it worth the chance having more of our NY 2nd amendment chipped away with her running the NY senate? I don't trust career politicians or the NY establishment playing the same political games. 

If you are a 2nd Amendment supporter and considering voting the the NY Republican candidate Marc Molinaro, you need to stop, take a breath and think beyond your party affiliation, and where you've placed your loyalties.


I understand the amount of mental and emotional energy you've put into the NY GOP. I asked you to use your common sense and answer the question, is it that easy for Killian who clearly is dead set on additional gun control  to simply flip?


Think of all the career politicians have told us what we've wanted to hear only to vote THEIR conscience or the direction of the political pressure on the legislative floor. The only candidate for the people of New York is Larry Sharpe. 


Julie Killian Interview


Compare Killian to the Libertarian Candidate for Lt Governor 





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