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NY GOP Molinaro wants an Obama Like America

October 22, 2018


In an America that's politically and philosophically divided, injustice reins supreme. Humanity is no longer taught before political preferences. The indoctrination through demonization and literal hatred of differing points of view has made harassment and even violence acceptable by a false sense of moral superiority. 


The right's silence to the concerns of the segment of Americans the left  focuses on as marginalized, along with the Left's silence to the repeated attacks of segments on the right, is a prime example of this great divide. When you look at the 2 camps of the political spectrum of America, each 1/2  has been trained to self indoctrinate, support that indoctrination with subjective research, and take the false moral high ground based on political beliefs. 


Division, hatred and violence is what happens when politics comes before humanity. While my personal perspective is of conservative values, I have engaged in conversations with other people with differing points of view for 1st hand knowledge. Yes while there are those that are absolute haters and impossible to talk with, there are those on both sides willing to talk and understand the other. 

So from my perspective, conservatives and Christians have been under constant attack by factions on left with no response from the remaining factions of the left. Why? Because subjective research and indoctrination reins supreme. Yes, the left can and will also make similar and justifiable claims of the right. 


Under the Obama administration, the attacks of the religious right and conservatives nationally and here in New York, reached a point that not only concerned those groups but had many beginning to fear for their lives. The IRS targeting of conservative groups showed that it reached a systemic problem above and beyond street thug tactics. Whether you agree with the Trump administration or not, his election gave hope to conservatives that their targeting would begin to diminish. 

As we know, conservatives have always found their home in the republican party. The NY GOP candidate for Governor claiming he wants the commonality of Obama's America has sent a chill down the spine of all the conservatives and even the moderate right I've spoken to.

In an article in the Daily News, Molinaro claims to be embarrassed by the group known as the Proud Boys. This groups is often looked at as being no more than a fight club by the centrist and moderate right then actually supporting free speech. Most of their events turn violent. In the radio interview the Daily News sources Molinaro says, 


"Recognizing the highly polarized times, Molinaro called for less heated rhetoric than found “in Donald Trump’s America” and more of what he called the “let’s find some commonality” of “Barack Obama’s America.”


In what appears to be another attempt to pander to the NY downstate voters, Molinaro once again dismisses the upstate NY republicans' key issues. Many of the NY republican voters that support the 2nd amendment as a primary issue for their vote have already gone to the 3rd party candidate Larry Sharpe.  Sharpe has a very strong Platform in favor of the 2nd.


Molinaro's Obama statement, in my opinion, will continue to fracture the NY GOP voters. As with several of Molinaro and his running mate's claims, we can expect him to back track and explain away what he really means by the commonality of Barack Obama's America.

Career Politicians at their best.....




Live Free

Freedom On!!





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