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Is NYC Condoning Hate Speech?

October 26, 2018

With the constant drone of White Supremacy, Nazi, and Racist, the majority of middle America has turned a deaf ear to the irrational left and it's blind followers. The obvious double standards can be seen throughout the entirety of their propaganda machine. Our schools, the no longer news sources, and politics, are riddled with Political Correctness and an agenda that alienates most Americans because it is simply to radical.


The right is continually lectured by the self-described morally superior rabid left. In typical fashion the silence and easily explained infractions of  their own followers is proof this is not a moral issue more then a political leftist agenda. 


Can you imagine posters plastered all over NYC  with the international prohibition sign placed over an image of a Muslim, a gay couple, or  a leftist symbol reading "Keep NYC Trash Free." ?


While the underlying purpose was to sling a statement at the NYC sanitation dept, and probably a sentiment shared by many NYC residents, the pictures in the actual posters are concerning. With our suggested replacement images, the hysteria from the rabid left would draw blood from our ears.


The Truly moral left and right need to speak out against this type of slander and potentially incendiary rhetoric whenever it comes up on both sides of the political spectrum. Americans must look at the simple fact that their beliefs are geographically bound and fed to them by the predominant media sources from where they live. Take a look at the map of the last several presidential elections . Are we simply a product of our environment? 


Live Free

Freedom On!!


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