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Republican Julie Killian Supports Red Flag & Expanding Safe-Act

October 27, 2018

I have to say Julie is a model democratic candidate. She supports expanding the Safe-Act, raising the the age limit to 21 and other measure to increase gun control. In her words, she supports "Common Sense Gun Control." She also supports the NY Red Flag bill seen in the video below.  


The Problem with this picture is Julie Killian is the running mate for Marc Molinaro, the Republican candidate for New York governor. How can someone so passionate about taking your 2nd amendment rights away from you simply stop her infringement, if by the almost impossible chance the NY republicans win the governor's seat? 


Will she simply be able to turn off her passion when she's in charge of the senate? Will she be able to dismiss her beliefs when the next NY gun control bill hits the senate floor? Career politicians will always say what they think you want to hear. Do not fall for it. 




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