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GOA NY Rates NY Libertarians Higher then NY Republicans

October 30, 2018

 While most of the so called "2nd Amendment" groups in New York play party politics and permit false information to be spread among their paid membership, the NY chapter of Gun Owners of America chose the higher ground. 



All of the pay to play 2A groups in NY use a rating system to determine a candidate's position on the 2nd Amendment. Many of these groups have chosen not to rate the Libertarian candidates saying, they cannot rate a candidate that has no voting record. While I have not look through their by-laws and rating systems, it is a curious question how closely aligned this decision is to those regulatory guidelines. 


Gun Owners of America NY is the only membership based group in NY to rate all the candidates running in New York's mid-terms. Rating the candidates on their campaign platform, regardless if they are a career politician or not, is the best thing to do for the people of NY that support the gun rights. Looking at GOA-NY's ratings for Governor, Lt. Governor and Attorney General for the NY Libertarians and Republicans, the Libertarians as a party clearly have a better rating then the Republicans. 



Click on any of the graphics below or here to go to GOA NY



So not to mix opinion with facts, let me state my opinion based on facts, party platform and not just talking points. The Libertarian party candidates have been steadfast on their support of the 2nd amendment from the beginning of their campaign. The republicans have flip flopped. The NY Libertarians are the only party with a plan to restore the 2nd, not just block it further infringement. Let me leave you with this thought, 


"What will Killian do to influence Molinaro for more gun control when the next mass shooting happens" 




Live Free

Freedom On!!


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