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Are You A Free Man?

November 19, 2018


Are you a free man, or are you a slave permitted to be “free”?

This is important to distinguish, because here in these United States we are permitted to be “free”.

We didn’t used to be this way.

We used to be free men in a nation built on the principle of liberty. We are now living in a state of “soft tyranny”.

We have to acquire permits to assemble, permits/licenses to travel, to own a gun, to hunt, to fish, to start a business, to work (social security number).

Especially our federal government has no Constitutional Authority to regulate our lives, as it is in no way an enumerated power.

Our Constitution strictly forbid the government from ever regulating our lives in such ways.




When we have to ask the government permission to live our lives freely, we are not free. We are subjects to the authority in charge.

If you wish to live free, rather than be permitted to be free, we must remain diligent in our efforts to restore Constitutional integrity in America.





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