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The Cultural War of Upstate NY

November 24, 2018

 The Upstate New York culture is not New York City. 


 When we hear terms like acceptance, inclusive and tolerance, we all initially get a warm fuzzy feeling by what appears to be loving kindness for all human beings. The term marginalized is often thrown around to bring attention to a group of people within our culture struggling to exist. Upstate New Yorkers have been excluded from that tolerance and for the most part have become marginalized. 


As we've seen throughout history, those in power will eventually become spoiled and drunk by that power. To maintain it, they will suppress and often crush those that go against their rule. New York has become one of those oligarchies that will be look back on with disgust and shame for how it's treated a large portion of it's residents. 


When a political agenda is placed before the real needs of a group of people, suppression begins and a marginalized segment of the population is formed. This is the painful dilemma of upstate NY and the clear path of Albany. 


With over 100,000 people leaving NY every year due to over regulation and high taxes, upstate NY is in real trouble despite what Andrew Cuomo says. It is not the weather as he stated but more the crushing taxes and over regulation decaying the culture of upstate. 


Upstate residents are resilient and absolutely love the beauty of their home and the people of their communities. Because of this, there is a growing movement to separate upstate from NYC. Because of Andrew Cuomo's election to a 3rd term by NYC, the secessionist movement of upstate is now organizing. 


The Divide New York City and Upstate NY organization is now looking for people to help. Ultimately this is an effort to acknowledge the upstate culture as a completely different culture from NYC and the complete lack of support from the political agenda of Albany. This agenda has marginalized the diverse population of upstate. 


For those that want to stay and want to fight for their personal beliefs and life styles, the Divide NY group needs your help.


I never thought I would hear myself recommend to others, move away from NY. As a man fully determined to fighting for the upstate NY culture, I do believe we are about to enter into a dangerous period of increasing regulations infringing on our constitutional rights and higher taxes to support Cuomo's agenda. Stay to fight or leave to survive. Those are the only real pro-active moves separate from flying below the radar in the least free state in the country. (Not Pro-Active)



Live Free

Freedom On!!




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