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Home Rule For a Free NY (Update 1/28/19)

January 14, 2019




 The diversity of lifestyles that exist across New York is one of the many things that makes NY an amazing state and while these differences often find themselves at odds, there is a clear path to the acceptance of this diversity. 



Any NYer will tell you, the greatest difference in NY's many cultures is between upstate NY and NYC. While this is true, even within the city limits and upstate NY, the difference can exist from county to county. 

Each county has a lifestyle and culture that is partially defined by its setting, which can be rural, suburban or urban. The population and business environment are also key factors in defining the county culture. When we imagine an almost perfect setting for a healthy county culture, there are three things that come to mind.


1- The county residents choose the lifestyle they want for themselves, families and their local communities.

2- The local representatives of the people legislate, form rules and guidelines that are in favor of the county residents and the overall prosperity of the county.

3- The opportunity for small business start-ups and the expansion of existing businesses that serve the local communities is an easy path that rewards success, and is ultimately healthy to the county community and its tax base. 

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This outlook of a healthy county can ultimately attract new residents, lower the tax burden on existing residents and spill over into neighboring counties. So why is this not a reality? 


With an administration focused on the large population center of NYC, they have developed a cultural tunnel vision. They see the world through NYC glasses and want the rest of the state to be NYC. 


NYC has it's own culture that most of its residents love. As a freethinker I believe they are entitled to the lifestyle they want, and so should each county with their own individual and unique lifestyles. So how can we apply this free thinking to the rest of NY. How can we accept and celebrate the diversity of cultures across NY? 


The answer is "Home Rule"

"It is the power of a constituent part (administrative division) of a state to exercise such of the state's powers of governance within its own administrative area that have been decentralized to it by the central government."


Sounds wonderful, idealistic and in the current state of NY almost impossible. While Albany may see this as antagonistic to their current path, it can in fact give them the same results via a completely different path based on county decisions of what is best for themselves. 


With the help of several other "Home Rule for a Free NY"activists, we have a path forward to begin the process of Home Rule for all counties and the diverse cultures of NY. 

We've written a simple Home Rule resolution for you to use to get the process started in your town and county. You're welcome to help at whatever level you feel comfortable. Here are the actions you can take with increasing involvement. 


1- Email the filled in Home Rule Resolution to your town and county supervisor.

2- Email & call your town/county supervisors to discuss Home Rule and it's benefits.

3- The above mentioned and go to town and county board meetings.

4- Add to the above, speak on behalf of Home Rule at those meetings.

5- With local friends, family and neighbors do as much of the above mentioned as possible. 

6- Become a part of the "Home Rule For A Free NY" grassroots movement via the liberty Den and get directly connected to the people's movement for NY. (You can use the contact us form on this website or go to our Facebook page, like the page and join the The LD NY Activist Group.)




1/28/19: Kingston NY Endorses Home Rule Resolution 


Links to Your county officials are at the bottom of this blog. 

COVER Letter

Dear _________,

I hope this communication finds you well.


I am contacting you as a concerned constituent on behalf of Home Rule for a Free New York (HRFNY), which has a rapidly-growing chapter in _________ County. This communication regards the attached Home Rule Resolution, which leverages State Constitution Article IX in expanding our local government’s lawmaking powers to free constituents from unwanted fiscal, regulatory, and cultural mandates foisted upon _________ County by NYS legislation. I request that you review the attached resolution and partner with HRFNY and your colleagues in public service to ensure it is formally adopted by the _________ County Legislature.


As noted by the New York State Bar Association (NYSBA) in its 2016 Home Rule Report, New Yorkers like your constituents in _________ County have been forced to live under unsolicited and unfunded mandates from the State Capitol, resulting in a local tax burden twice that of the average U.S. state, and an astounding net migration rate of -14.1 percent leaving NYS. These effects of state mandates over local matters have been detrimental for _________ County, and New York State as a whole. With a state government now fully controlled by a big city cultural and fiscal ideology unlike _________ county, it’s critical that _________ County legislators adopt the attached Home Rule Resolution to ensure the cultural and economic freedom of their constituents.


HRFNY is working to ensure adoption of the Home Rule Resolution by _________ and at least 25 additional counties across the state between May and June of 2019. The near-term goal is to ensure simultaneous adoption of the Resolution across all counties during the aforementioned two-month period. The long-term goal is to oblige state lawmakers to introduce a Home Rule bill upon receipt of an adopted Home Rule resolution and associated legislative proposal from a municipality in their district.


The attached Home Rule Resolution and the HRFNY movement as a whole is a direct response to ceding too much fiscal, regulatory, and cultural control to a single centralized government that disproportionately favors NYC over _________ County and the whole of the state. Please join HRFNY in securing adoption of the Home Rule Resolution by the _________ County Legislature for the betterment of your constituents, and for New Yorkers all across the state.








Resolution #___

Title: Home Rule Status of _________ County, NY

Letting of (Date TBD)


WHEREAS, the liberties, happiness and well-being of the citizens of _______ County are often adversely affected by the laws, rules, regulations and edicts set forth by the State of New York; and


WHEREAS, unfunded mandates legislated by the State of New York consume a large portion of the budget of ______ County regardless of their effectiveness in ________County which has led to higher taxes; and


WHEREAS, the excessive amount of bureaucracy and regulations has stifled economic growth and impedes small business start-ups, expansion, and growth, thus adversely affecting the economic viability of many business in  ______ County; and


WHEREAS, certain laws, rules, regulations and edicts legislated by the State of New York have resulted in a trend of ______ County residents leaving because they do not reflect the culture of _________ County, thus resulting in less citizens on the tax rolls to support the efforts of said County; and


WHEREAS, Certain State of New York laws, rules, regulations and edicts are not applicable in ______ County because of the culture found within ________ County; and

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the County of ________ of the State of New York has hereby proclaimed the intention of invoking “Home Rule” within the parameters set forth by the NYS constitution to decide which laws, rules, regulations and edicts set forth by the State of New York are beneficial to ______ county and support the Rights, Liberties, and general well-being of its residents.




Our Goal (this is only the 1st step) with the Home Rule Resolution is to have 26 plus counties on board and signing their resolutions at the same time in May/June of 2019. There are several other steps after the resolutions are signed. The direction we take will be determined by the success of this 1st step and Albany's response. We will give you more information as the time comes and as needed. 


This path forward will require us to be steady and long lasting. There will be bumps along the way, but what in life worth fighting for is ever easy. You will be challenged by naysayers who will only look for reason why it won't work so they can feel justified with doing nothing. Stay the course. We'll adjust as needed and continue down this path for all New Yorkers. 



Live Free

Freedom On!!  


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