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December 20, 2018



Every year, Americans willingly cede more liberty in the name of security. Why? Because security is warm and comfortable; it's an easy sell. The masses love it because it sounds benevolent and, on its face, requires little from them. We maybe grumble a bit when we’re patted down at the airport or required to show an ID to buy cold medicine, but it’s all for our own good, right?


Unfortunately, the answer is no. We give in on the first issue, then the next, and so on. Finally, we realize that we’re living a lesser life, one circumscribed by the government. To make matters worse, many of the “laws” we follow are made by unelected officials from an alphabet soup of agencies. Their edicts interfere with us daily—from what we eat, drink, and smoke to whether we buckle up in the car.


It’s time to stop approaching the government, hat in hand, to beg for permission to exercise the rights we were born with. The first step in regaining control is educating ourselves. When we understand what our rights are, we’re better equipped to spread that knowledge to everyone within our sphere of influence. More voices carry more weight, particularly when they’re informed and insistent.


Get familiar with the issues on a local, state, and national level. Candidates should be vetted and their voting record examined; it means more than campaign promises. Once they’re in office, the real work begins. Elected officials—from your local sheriff right on up to the president—must be held accountable. Every unconstitutional act by our government must be spotlighted and redress immediately sought. Failure to act constitutes acceptance. Do not comply.


Free men and women seek neither forgiveness nor permission. We also know the buck stops with us. Stop expecting one man or woman to be the “savior” of our country. Our founders were staunchly opposed to vesting that much power in an individual or even a single branch of government. It’s the responsibility of every citizen.  We the People have a choice to make. Will we continue to endorse politicians and parties who represent the status quo? Or will we limit our support to policies conforming to the Constitution?


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