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Gun Control Bill List: 4/6/19 Update

April 6, 2019

(Created 1/13/19. Last Update 4/6/19)


The constitutional waters of jurisdiction over the 2nd amendment have been muddied by the guarantee of state sovereignty.  Many lives of  law abiding citizens have been destroyed by the stroke of a pen solely by the progressive agenda of certain states.


The fundamental disparity in the gun rights debate can be found in 2 simple phrases of the 2nd Amendment according to an article by the Cornell Law School, "the right of the people to keep and bear arms' vs "a well regulated Militia." This debate of individual rights vs well regulated has been politicized by progressives to gain control of their state populous and hand over control and power to the state.


The probability of door to door confiscation is so problematic for gun grabbers, their focus will be on soft forms of confiscation until the general public has become complacent to restrictions on their natural and God given rights.  

Currently the senate and the administration are mostly pro 2nd Amendment and with the house of representatives now in the hands of ant-liberty and anti-gun politicians, no state is safe.


 Unfortunately, we are seeing our traditionally red state turning blue with republicans siding with gun-control bills, and propaganda phrases like "moderate bipartisan gun control measures."


Who would have thought that Florida and Texas would have ever supported any gun control bills? No person or state is safe from the gun grabbers, especially when gun owners don't vote. 


This blog will be updated each time a new federal gun control bill is introduced. There will be hyper-links (the underlined words) to the sources and bills, when available, for you to follow. When we update this blog you will receive the updated blog via email. Join our email list to stay updated. Click Here to Join.

Gun Control Bills



The discussion of the newly proposed gun control bills are the priorities Everytown. They include disarming domestic abusers, implementing red flag laws, and funding gun violence prevention research. 


--(4/6/19 Update) To require face-to-face purchases of ammunition, to require licensing of ammunition dealers, and to require reporting regarding bulk purchases of ammunition. H.R. 686


--(3/13/19 UPDATE) Senate Republican Marco Rubio (FL) files Red Flag Confiscation bill and supported by Lindsey Graham.  A hearing is scheduled for 3/26/19. Bill # S.7


--(3/9/19 UPDATE) Any person who lawfully owns or possesses a semiautomatic rifle or shotgun that has the capacity to accept a detachable ammunition feeding device shall, not later than 120 days after the date of enactment of this Act, register the semiautomatic rifle or shotgun. Such registration shall become a part of the National Firearms Registration. H.R. 1263


--(2/27/19 UPDATE) Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2019 will require all gun sales including private sales to run a background check. 

(The Bipartisan Background Checks Bill (H.R. 8) — which mandates that every buyer involved in firearms sales and individuals involved in most transfers go through a federal background check — passed the house, 240 to 190 with 8 Republicans’ “yes” votes. Two Democrats voted against the bill.)


--(2/17/19) Eliminate the 3 day waiting period. Strengthen the background check procedures to be followed before a Federal firearms licensee may transfer a firearm to a person who is not such a licensee. H.R. 1112


--(1/13/19 UPDATE) Bans the sale, manufacture, transfer and importation of 205 military-style assault weapons by name.


H.R. 7115, New Attempt to Ban Building AR-15s and Lower Parts Kits

Link to actual bill.


-- H.R.5087 - Assault Weapons Ban of 2018


--More to Come. Checking check back. 

Live Free










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