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Yellow Vest Rebellion

January 9, 2019

In every video I am seeing on the Yellow Vest Rebellion, and it doesn't even matter what news source I'm getting these videos from... I see the Police being out numbered, pushed back, and retreating at every turn. Protesters hurling large rocks at the police, knocking them down, kicking the crap out of the police, and the police continue to get pushed back.

The question I have towards all of this, is clearly the People of France have had enough of totalitarian globalist policies from the French Government... How much of a Statist prick do you have to be to continue to suit up with riot shields and batons to continue beating back at the people of France

First off, wouldn't it be clear as day that after TWO MONTHS of protests, riots and violence that you are on the losing side of this? Would it really be worth getting your ass beat and potentially killed to resist a movement for less government?

Secondly, how much of a statist a-hole would you have to be, to still beat the people of France with batons and riot shield when you're on the losing and unrighteous side?

"Just following orders" I guess...

The French police & riot police need to lay down their arms. Lay down their batons, their riot shield, and stand down. Send a message loud and clear to Macron that his Globalist agenda is over...

The people of France have spoken loudly and clearly, both verbally and physically that they have had enough of Macron's globalist garbage. Anyone who stands with Macron, stands against the People.

DISCLAIMER: I adamantly support the Yellow Vest Rebellion's cause, and them directing their anger at government officials and police, I still adamantly condemn their vandalizing and destruction of private property. If you're angry and your anger and grievances are so strong that you feel violence is necessary because government will not listen to you? Direct that anger and violence AT THE GOVERNMENT.




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