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Opinion: An open Letter to Democrat Voters

February 1, 2019

Attention: Friends, family, and loved ones who constantly and consistently vote Democrat.
 I tried to warn you of the dangers of supporting a wing of the duopoly, but you were so full of fear and hate that my words fell on deaf ears. I very much dislike the Republicans too, but I must pose the question- what rights and liberties have the Republicans taken from you? I'll wait...

I'll never forget that frosty January morning back in 2013 when I woke up and discovered that I was a criminal. A felon. Why? Because the NY SAFE Act was passed in the dead of night, as a message of necessity, without any time for lawmakers to read the bill or input from law enforcement or the general public.


I am a responsible and law abiding gun owner. I've never shown any history of violence. Heck, I've never even been in a fist fight! Back in college, a friend witnessed the closest I ever came to harming another human being. I was slapped across the face by a bully in class. My glasses went flying. I gave him a shove, asked him to stop, and we reported his aggression to University Police. Yup, I'm a real menace to society alright.

 In 8 years, I plan to retire and flee this liberty hating state. But, today I fear that I may not live to see that day. I very well may be murdered by law enforcement at some point in the future. Why? Because I live in a rural area where responsible gun ownership and use is a part of our culture. I have taught gun safety and responsible handling of firearms to my children. They fully understand the dangers and responsibility of using firearms, more so than you or the ignorant government officials that you keep putting in office. 

 I perceive that you may have a hard time wrapping your socially engineered and programmed mind around the point I'm attempting to articulate, so let me explain. Should my kids so much as whisper a mention at school that their dad taught them how to use guns and takes them to the range while he shoots targets for sporter rifle league, under the laws passed in NY, anyone who might overhear that will be obligated to report it. And then the State Troopers show up at my house to confiscate my firearms.


With no crime committed. No due process. No just compensation. Where I am assumed guilty and the burden is placed on my shoulders to prove my innocence, which won't happen because I will be dead. You see, I will not allow people who have sworn to support and uphold the US Constitution to violate their oaths, and they WILL murder me. And my dogs too, no doubt.

So, I hope you all come to my funeral to give a eulogy, and admit that you are in part responsible for my death. I hope you will help my grieving widow to raise and support our children. I have had many of you literally tell me that innocent blood is on my hands because I support the 2nd Amendment. Now, the tables have turned and you should think really hard about the consequences of your actions.


I worked hard during the last election season to explain the dangers of the 2 party system. A system that only highlights extreme left or right with no middle ground. Division and dysfunction. Your extreme hatred for Trump and the propaganda of the mainstream media has clouded your minds. It's a damn shame that more innocent lives will be lost because you all buy into the divisive rhetoric. Tolerance and diversity is a two way street.

Think about it.







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