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The Upstate NY Resistance Grows

February 11, 2019




In typical fashion, upstate NYers are pissed with the direction of New York's politics, it's economy and lack of freedom. The concern with the economic viability of NY state with its 2.3 billion dollar deficit,  free college to illegal immigrants funded by NY tax payers, over regulation, the assault on the 2nd Amendment and the most corrupt government in the country, the frustration and fears of upstate NYers continue to grow. 


It is very easy to find the reasons for the demise of freedom and liberty in NY. The obvious low voter turnout in NY is not only astounding but incredibly infuriating. One key segment, of this no-show registered voter base, are the NY gun owners. 



The apathy and ignorance of some 2nd Amendment supporters in NY has become obvious to the RESPONSIBLE gun culture of upstate NY. With an estimate of 6 million gun owners in NY, if only 35% showed up to vote, we would add a solid base of 2,100,000 votes to add the non-gun owner voter base in favor of  liberty over huge centralized government. If you do a little math, it should be obvious. 


The absolute frustration responsible gun owners of NY feel with the non-voters in their community has led to a deserved ridicule, and the regular use of the term Fudd, or Mr. Fudd as I prefer to call them.


The urban dictionary's description of Fudd nails it. The implicit and sometime overt moral superiority of Mr. Fudd speaks of, leave me wondering if Mr. Fudd is a liberal in disguise.

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OK I'm done with my rant. So let's look at what upstate NY is doing to resist the continual development of the red curtain of the New Yorkinstan socialists agenda. 


This blog will be updated when new efforts are started or these efforts listed below status change.

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1- The introduction for a bill providing for referendum on the question "Do you support the division of New York into two separate states?" NY State Assembly Bill A1687A


2- The NY state constitutional provision of Home Rule is spreading into several counties in the southern tier of NY. HOME RULE 


3- Town Supervisors endorse resolutions against Gun Control. 


4- Rep. Collins Sponsors and reintroduces a bill that would void New York Safe Act.


5- According to 14 county District attorneys will not prosecute the 7 rd round limit of the NY safe-act based on a prior court ruling. The appeals court ruling found the restriction arbitrary and unconstitutional.




Live Free

Freedom On!!








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