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2nd Trump Swipe at the 2nd Amendment

February 25, 2019


As all the never Trumpers and gun grabbers sit back in absolute glee watching the Trump administration take another swipe at the 2nd amendment, the concern among law abiding gun owners grows. 


At the start of the Trump administration, many 2nd amendment (2A) supporters and advocates finally felt they had a champion at their side and their right to bear arms would be protected if not restored to the original intent of the 2nd. 


One such bill, that gave great hope to the 2A community, was the national reciprocity bill. It would let a person, issued a license to carry a handgun concealed (CCW), to legally cross state lines with their handguns, similar to a drivers license.  Presently,  a licensed CCW holder can only travel into other states, with their handguns, that recognize their state's CCW license. After the passage of H.R. 38, the house bill for national reciprocity, the confidence in the 2A community sky-rocked with a real steps forward to restore our gun rights.


With a republican senate, Trump in office, and H.R. 38 passed, national reciprocity looked real and the enthusiasm was very high among 2A supporters.


While it wasn't quite the fault of the Trump administration, the senate failed to pass their national reciprocity bill S446.  A 2019 version of H.R. 38 will need to be re-introduced to the house.  With the house now under democratic majority, the 2019 version of national reciprocity is just about dead. Where was Trump and his administration's push against the senate for national reciprocity in 2018?




After the tragic mass shooting in Las Vegas, October 2017, with 58 killed people and 489 wounded, new legislation was expect banning bump stocks. A bump stock is a gun attachment that uses the recoil of the gun to create rapid fire similar to a fully automatic gun. This was used by the gunmen in Los Vegas. The irony was, in December of 2018 Trump signed a new regulation that bans the sale or possession of  bump stocks under a new interpretation of existing law. The 2A community was stunned this was signed!!!!





In a white house discussion between Trump and law makers, Trump said the follow, "take the guns 1st, go through due process second," in response to a question by VP Pence. This is not only a violation of our 4th amendment but the 1st look at his position on Red Flag bills.


Red Flag bills, extreme risk protection orders (ERPOs), on the surface appear to be a good way to prevent gun violence.  The probability of misuse is very high and the reality of  enforcement of an ERPO turning violent has already reared it ugly head. The enforcement of an ERPO in Maryland led to the killing of  a man refusing to turn in his guns.  According to the National Association for Gun Rights, the federal commission on school safety, under the Trump administration, has issued the following statement on ERPOs. 

From the Federal Commission on School Safety report:

I'm my opinion, it is never a good idea for us, as citizens, to blindly follow a party or politician. The danger of excusing an infringements on our rights, because of blind obedience, is reckless and a direct danger to those blinded by party or politician.



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