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Gun control and hollow promises

March 5, 2019

The State of NY is passing gun control legislation at a blurring pace. With the downstate democrats in full control, the attacks on the rural gun culture is now pegged at full throttle. They revel in the glory of their deeds in public announcements, and even get heavy hitters like Nancy Pelosi to join them on stage spewing some nonsense about the US Constitution while destroying 2nd Amendment rights. It’s distressing to say the least. But I must pose the question- do these gun control laws offer anything more than hollow promises? 

 One thing I’ve noticed about these anti-gun zealots is that they never mention the fact that many of these laws are unenforceable. Take the “assault weapon” registry aspect of the NY SAFE Act, which passed into law in January of 2013, as an example. It is estimated to have a 4% compliance rate. That means 96% of the people who owned semi automatic sporting rifles (aka “assault weapons”) before the registration deadline chose not to comply.


It’s been nearly 6 years since that deadline has come and gone. The “assault weapon” registry was intended to be the crowning jewel of the NY SAFE Act. And what has been done to enforce that pesky compliance rate of 4%? Nothing. Nada. Zip. Why do you suppose that is? Because it’s unenforceable.


 The same could be said about safe storage laws. Law enforcement can’t go door to door in an effort to ensure compliance. The only thing the safe storage law can accomplish is an added charge to an individual and family that is experiencing a vast amount of grief and regret as a result of an accidental shooting. How exactly is that going to curb gun violence?


  It would seem that these laws in reality only serve to give the anti-gun crowd a sense of security. This concept was summed up very well by Steve Felano, an active 2A advocate in western NY, in his response to a particularly nasty piece of hate mail from a rabid anti-gun individual. In essence, he explained how anti gun legislation serves more as a security blanket for the progressive anti gun mentality, while doing nothing more than infringing on the rights of the law abiding and having no effect on the criminal element. Here's the write up on that hate mail and the response.



The recently passed Red Flag Law, or Extreme Risk Protection Order, well...that's a horse of a different color. It would seem that the liberal progressives have recognized the ineffectiveness of the bulk of anti 2A legislation. Now, a teacher, estranged spouse, neighbor or family member can request that a judge issue a ERPO to confiscate the firearms of a law abiding citizen with no crime committed and no due process. This is wrong on so many levels. We can only hope that judges adhere to their oath to uphold the Constitution and file lawsuits that result in this law being deemed grossly unconstitutional. 






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