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Another Divide NY Bill Introduced (Update 5/7/19)

May 7, 2019


(Written 3/6/19: Update 5/7/19)

As upstate NY bleeds its residents into other states, because they can't afford the high taxes and fees attached to state regulations, the grassroots movement of civil disobedience continues to grow. 


While the hope for legislative change is very low, it doesn't mean the effort to support upstate NY has ended. 


As we've seen, there are 2 bills introduced to divide NY. The first, Assemblyman Stephen Hawley (R) is asking for a referendum to splitting New York into two states. The 2nd proposal is, Senator Daphne Jordan introduced legislation to determine whether upstate and downstate should be split. 


 The difference between establishing separate states and autonomous regions can make the task more complicated, prolong the process and even greatly diminish the probability of successfully gaining some form of autonomy for upstate NY.


Seeking congressional approval for a 51st state is VERY unlikely. Establishing autonomous regions within NY is more likely and will continue to be a long enduring up hill battle.


The Divide NY caucus has been the most active group in NY working to establish autonomous regions. Their plans and efforts can be found on their website 


According to the caucus there now is a bill introduced, bill A05498. For more information in the bill you can also go here


Update (5/7/19)

The NY state senate has proposes a constitutional amendment to divide the state into three autonomous regions. Senate Bill S5415


It is imperative for all Upstate NYers, that are suffering from Albany's love for NYC, to stand, speak up and fight for upstate NY.



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