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March 20, 2019


Think about the Children!!!


RANT: (LOL YUP) This is the most common claim among gun grabbers that are losing a discussion on the difference between gun rights and gun control. This statement, "think about the children" should be your sign that they have exhausted their talking points, what little logic there is in gun control and they've reduced themselves to feelings. Now let's be clear, EVERYONE, including gun owners, want all children to be safe. The difference is, most gun owner have close to an endless supply of facts and logic for personal freedom and our natural right to bear arms. These facts also define the path to child safety. 


In the current political climate in America, it should be obvious that the ant-liberty gun grabbers are ramping up their attack on the 2nd amendment. The conversation spans across direct attacks on the type of firearms you can have to how you can acquire the one's they say you can have. YES, this is no longer just a liberal democrat agenda. Republicans are now also signing gun control bills. We all know what the ultimate goal is and this is not only in America but a global push. 




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Our present political composition in America may not permit many gun control bills to pass on the national level.  Although, with republicans signing gun control bills, we may not be as safe as we think we are. We can see, at the state level and a with the bills introduced, a very clear picture of what will be done to our right to bear arms. (Read the Blogs on National Gun Control Bills and also NY Bills) The path and direction has been set by democrats with republicans beginning to side with democrat gun control. 


As I've watch the escalating push for gun control and the bills introduced, we can now say, without question or doubt, their ultimate goal is to repeal the 2nd amendment. 


Imagine living on a small island. The size of the island makes it easy to control the information shared among it's residents. Make the island beautiful enough and the people friendly enough to each other that, it is easy to overlook the few that rule. What do we have? Hawaii... 


The Senate of Hawaii just passed a resolution asking the United Congress to repeal the Second Amendment. If not, amend it by redefining the right to bear arms as a “collective” right instead of an “individual” right, as the Supreme Court decided in Heller. The overt nature of this resolution leave without doubt, that gun control advocate are less interested in children then control and want to put guns solely in the hands of the government. 



Live Free

Freedom On!!


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