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NYers Beware if You Smoke Pot and Own Guns

March 26, 2019


In a resent video, assemblymen DiPietro, issues a warning to New York gun owners.


David J. DiPietro is a Republican member of the New York State Assembly representing Assembly District 147, which comprises the southern halves of Erie County, New York and Wyoming County, New York. 


DePietro, also the sponsor of the divide NY Bill A05498, issues a warning to NY gun owner that smoke pot. "Marijuana and guns, they don't go together. This isn't like bacon and Eggs." Listen to his short Facebook Video talking about what will happen to gun owner that purchase pot if it is legalized in NY. 



The conversation has been, marijuana should be regulated like alcohol. So, those that mean we should  expect bills applying gun confiscation to alcohol? I would think not. But it is NY. Fortunately for all NY pot smoking gun owners, the legalization of recreational marijuana in NY looks like a failure. You'll just have to keep doing what you're doing off the radar. 


Live Free





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