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Republicans Rally Around National Red Flag Bill

March 27, 2019


As we've been saying, the republicans have been compromised by the gun control narrative. 


On March 26, 2019, senior republican, Lindsey Graham held a hearing on a national initiative for Extreme Risk Protection Orders, ERPOs, or commonly know as Red Flag Bills. In his words, I sees "common ground" on "red flag" gun laws.


Painting a picture of improved prevention of gun violence by  the mentally ill and emotionally distressed, this dog and pony show will resonate soundly and solely among the low information populous and gun control community.  While the appearance of a senior democrat and republican sitting shoulder to shoulder, in support of ERPOs, has the 2nd Amendment community once again shocked by the so called champions of the 2nd amendment, the republicans.



As we've seen with so many prior laws, there is never enough safe guards in place to prevent their misuse. With the right combination of false information, anyone can use a Red Flag Bill to takedown a personal adversary.


"I'm far more enlightened than I was before," Graham said, adding that he hoped Congress would be able to come to a bipartisan agreement to help implement red flag laws in states.

"I really can't see a reason why we can't pursue this at the federal level, to incentivize states," Graham said.




I do not know one gun owner that would not like to prevent the mentally ill and emotionally disturbed from injuring innocent people. These laws, unfortunately, always have more of an effects on lawful and mentally/emotional stable gun owners then are effective in preventing gun violence.




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