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The Divide NY Movement Continues

April 16, 2019



The Divide NY movement continues to grow. Slow and steady is sometimes hard for us Upstaters. The continual mandates and regulations over personal freedom is very frustrating and so infuriating to us that we simply want it to stop immediately. But, the reality of the process to regain our freedom IS exactly that, slow and steady. 


The Divide NY Caucus has been very methodical in their process. I don't have first hand knowledge of the caucus's effort to organize this legislative initiative and their challenges along the way. From all my activism, I can say without doubt, it has not been without severe struggles in its process and those struggles unseen to the general public. 


The recent introduction of bill A05498 is a reflection of their process and relative success to their effort. This bill should satisfy the constant call from Long Islanders, who tend to be more conservative, not to be left behind with NYC. 


The morning of  The Liberty Den's last public meeting was over shadowed by concerns. Will anyone, including the speaker from the divide NY caucus, show up because of the snow storm? With close to another 12" of snow and late into the season, upstate NYers are unstoppable. While the turnout was smaller then normal, I was pleased to see a dozen people and the speaker Johnny Rockenstire show up. 


For those of you that were unable to attend, here is Rockenstire's talk. 



It is vitally important that Liberty minded NYers continue their support for Liberty in words and actions. Liberty is truly NOT a political agenda, although politics stifles liberty. It is easier to talk about liberty then it is to talk about politics. We've all tried that. With the present condition of politics in our country, a civil conversation about politics is almost impossible. Your financial support is also needed for organizations like the Divide NY caucus and other Liberty minded organizations. To find out more about the Divide NY Caucus and/or make a donation, click here.


Live Free



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