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AOC Impersonator Has Social Media On Fire

April 23, 2019


We've all seen and herd the Democrats' Darling (Socialist) Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Her rise to fame from bar-tending to the esteemed position in congress is a true reflection of the American dream.


As the youngest member in congress (Hint.. very little real life experience) she unfortunately says some of the most outlandish things. She introduces concepts, bills and often hits social media like a bull in a china shop. This has been nothing more then and parallels a new born colt's first steps in life. Fortunately for the colt, it get's it's bearings fairly quick. 


Like most millennials, AOC wants to tell those that have lived longer, with much more life experience, how to live. Her generation has been taught solely the ideals, of everything that's anti-American, absent of their failures in history. This is the greatest generation gap in history. The tradition, of the Elders teaching the young tribe members, has completely died. 


The satire found on social media, about prominent political figures, is often hysterical whether you believe what's being said or not.  I'm sure if you're a Love Struck Trumper, you find the constant Trump satire a bit offensive. I'm also sure the AOC devotees are also finding the Cortez satire troubling to their tender snowflake hearts. This 8 year old's skit on AOC is not only spot on but absolutely hysterical. Enjoy!!


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