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Red Flagged Social Media Post Leads To Guns Confiscated

August 27, 2019

CT: 22 yr old Brandon Wagshol was Arrested after authorities said he expressed an interest in committing a mass shooting on Facebook.  


Due to the recent mass shootings, there is a major push for red flag laws or extreme risk protection orders, ERPOs, at both the state and federal levels. These laws are the new tools for gun control advocates to confiscate guns from people based solely on tips and suspicion. No crime has to be committed or needed to begin an investigation or confiscation.


Red flag laws violate multiple rights protected by our constitution. 


An article from the Hill explains how ERPOs violate our rights. 


"Hopefully you’ll never commit a mass shooting, murder, or violent assault. But while you might not have a criminal connection to such individuals, you do share at least one thing in common: you both have unalienable rights. The right to face your accuser. The right to due process. The right to protection against unreasonable searches and seizures. Every one of these rights are explicitly violated under red flag laws." (source)


So now let's introduce Brandon Wagshol and his dad of Connecticut. 



Wagshol is not your model citizen. He's known for tweeting disgusting racist and transphobic comments. Having bigoted views is not the same things as acting on those views. Voicing his bigoted opinions, while disgusting, is not a criminal act. The First Amendment protects his right to voice his hate in the same way that it protects flag burning. No one has to like it. It is not a criminal act.


Wagshol admitted to purchasing four 30-round magazines at a Bass Pro Shop in New Hampshire to get around Connecticut law limiting magazines to ten rounds. Wagshol is now facing four felony counts for possessing those magazines. Wagshol also admitted to ordering a kit to build an AR which can be additional charges. 


FBI investigators say the Norwalk Police Department received a tip about Wagshol’s activity from a concerned citizen. The joint investigation began after the FBI received a tip that Wagshol was trying to buy high capacity magazines from out of state.

Police say all the weapons recovered from the home are legally owned and registered to Wagshol’s father, but that the 22-year-old had access to them. Investigators also recovered body armor with a titanium plate, camouflage shirt, pant and belt, ballistic helmet, tactical gloves, camouflage bag and computers. (source)


That’s right. The confiscated guns belong to his father. The son “had access” to them by living in the same house, but they are his father’s property. His father didn’t do anything wrong, but his property has been seized nonetheless.


Live Free







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