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Americans Don't Need Permission From the Government to Carry a Firearm

October 18, 2019


FLORIDA – House Bill 273 has been proposed in the Florida legislature. If passed, it will remove the requirement for gun owners to obtain a state-issued permit in order to carry their firearm. This can affect over one million permit holders in Florida. 


Sabatini has also included other revisions to the status quo in Florida in his bill. Additionally, if passed, the bill would lower the age to purchase a firearm as well as expand states with which Florida would have reciprocity. If passed, it would make Florida the 18th state to adopt Constitutional carry.

Everytown for Gun Safety released a statement saying “States that pass permitless carry see a substantial increase in gun violence. This dangerous legislation ignores the 88 percent of Americans who support requiring safety training and a clean criminal record in order to carry a concealed handgun in public.” 


This statement contradicts recent findings, according to US News & World Report. The three safest states in the United States, constitutional carry states, are Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire. In fact, Vermont has never required a gun permit. Maine adopted Constitutional carry in 2015 and has surpassed Vermont’s safety rating and claimed the top spot as the safest state in the country in both property crime as well as violent crime.


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